Teen Lodging Program

Teen ProgramWe are super excited to announce that we will be offering an opportunity for students, ages 13 and older, to enroll in our  Teen Lodging Program. Students enrolled in the Teen Lodging Program will be able to stay on campus without their parent while attending Institute, yet be supervised by an adult around the clock. Total cost for the Teen Lodging Program is $350.00. This is a program you won't want to miss!

Enrollment in the Teen Lodging Program Will Include:

  • Housing for 4 nights (Monday-Thursday) in a shared room in the Living Living Learning Center, a dorm located a 5-min walk from the Fine Arts building (housing details are located on the Accommodations page.)
  • Adult supervision provided by experienced chaperones.
  • Meals for five days (Monday-Friday)
  • Fun activities for each evening after Institute classes are over.

Those Enrolling in the Teen Lodging Program Must:

  • Be very responsible
  • Be able to move their harp unassisted
  • Practice effectively on their own
  • Be on time to each of their classes

Teen Lodging Program Release Form