The Utah Suzuki Harp Institute is proud to announce that there are a few small scholarships available to Institute registrants. These scholarships are made available for students or teachers who experience financial hardship in attending Institute. Financial need is the top priority in awarding financial assistance.  Musical ability is second in consideration.


Applicants who are awarded a scholarship will be asked to provide a certain number of service hours to the Institute. This service can be completed by the scholarship recipient or their family members. Service may be completed before or during Institute.


The deadline for submission is April  1, 2020; to apply for a scholarship, please complete and submit the following:


- A CD/DVD of your best playing (may be submit a digital recording via email to
- If applying for a student scholarship:


a) An email of recommendation from your Suzuki teacher with information on applicant’s ability, commitment to music and financial situation (this information submitted via online web registration) , and
b) A letter from the parent or guardian explaining the reason(s) for financial assistance  (may be submitted via email to


-If applying for a teacher scholarship:


a) A letter explaining your commitment to music and teaching, and the reasons(s) for financial assistance. (may be submitted via email to


Please mail scholarship application materials to:
USHI-Scholarships, 221 Richards Way, Farmington, UT 84025