Books 3-6

Books 3-5

For Book 3 and above, tuition includes five classes: a master class, a repertoire/technique class, an ensemble or twisted review class, a theory class, and one enrichment class.


  • Master class: The master class consists of a mini-lesson in which each student shares a memorized, polished piece with an Institute faculty member. Beginning with a polished performance, the master class teacher then
    helps each student refine aspects of technique, musicianship and musicality. Students are given daily practice assignments to complete by the next day's lesson. The master class hour is shared between two, three, or four students (of similar age and ability) so that each student may benefit from individual attention and peer observation. After a week of intensive and inspiring work in the master class, many students reach entirely new levels of performance.
  • Repertoire/Technique class: The repertoire/technique class is a group class in which students are matched with other students at their repertoire level. Within the course of the group class, teachers work with students on ensemble, musicianship and concert readiness. The teachers will also use the Suzuki repertoire to work on specific technical concepts. Each group class demonstrates their hard work in the final concert held on the last day of Institute. Many students and parents find group classes especially rewarding because of the supportive and encouraging relationships students build with their peers.
  • Pop Class: USHI is thrilled to introduce a new group class this year!
  • Theory class: Students will be placed in theory classes by book level. If you want to apply for the advanced theory class, please submit the advanced theory class application form.
  • Enrichment class: Select from the list of enrichment classes on Enrichment Classes page.
Students may register for more enrichment classes for an additional fee.
See Enrichment Classes for additional class descriptions.