Registration Fee $60/teacher
Suzuki Harp Book 4 Teacher Training $500 (participant or auditor)
Suzuki Harp Book 5 Teacher Training $500 (participant or auditor)
Extra Institute T-Shirts $15 each
Extra Tickets to Opening Social BBQ $7 each
Teacher Training Discount $25/student registered for institute*
Late Fee (Postmarked after 4/1/2014) $50
* $100 maximum

Note: Due to commitments to faculty and travel plans, applicants who withdraw after
June 1, 2014 forfeit all fees. Fewer than four registrants in any teacher training course
may result in the cancellation of that course. Course size is limited to a maximum of 15
participants for each course. If enrollment is full or a teacher training course is canceled,
all registration and course fees will be refunded.

Teacher Training Discount
The Teacher Training Incentive program is to help lower the cost for Suzuki Harp Teachers who are interested in taking the Teacher Training Course. For every student you have register and attend the Utah Suzuki Harp Institute you will receive $25.00 off your registration fees. For example, if you have 3 students attend, you will receive $75.00 off your registration fee.

Please note: Teachers using this incentive program must have completed ECC and Book One Harp Teacher Training prior to Institute and have an active membership in the National Suzuki Association. In order to qualify for this you must fill out the section on the registration form with the names of students attending the Utah Suzuki Harp Institute. Limit up to 4 students!

Teacher Registration form