Registration Fee $60/student OR $85/family
Pre-Twinkle $300/student
Books 1 & 2 $395/student
Books 3 and above $465/student
Harp Tuning Fee (Required) $25/student
Extra Enrichment Class(es) $50/class
Sibling Enrichment Class(es) $50/class
Extra Institute T-Shirts $15 each
Extra Tickets to Opening Social BBQ $7 each
Teen Lodging Program
(housing & meals included)
Late Fee (Postmarked after 4/1/2014) $50

Note: Due to commitments to faculty and travel plans, applicants who withdraw
after June 1, 2014 for any reason forfeit all fees. If enrollment is full or course
is canceled, all registration and course fees will be refunded.

Student Registration form