For Pre-Twinkle students (i.e. beginning students who do not play all three Twinkle Variations fluently), tuition includes three classes: a master class, a group class and a Kindermusic enrichment class.
  • Master class: The Pre-Twinkle master class consists of a mini- lesson in which each student works on the Twinkle Variations with an Institute faculty member. The master class teacher helps each student learn and refine aspects of proper technique, musicianship, and musicality. Students are given daily practice assignments to complete by the next day’s lesson. The master class hour is shared between three, or four pre-twinkle students so that each student may benefit from individual attention and peer observation. After a week of intensive and inspiring work in the master class, many students reach entirely new levels of performance.
  • Group class description: A group class with other Pre-Twinkle students provides extra reinforcement of the techniques and musical ideas presented in the students’ master classes. Studying these concepts together with other students makes the process fun and provides additional motivation from their peers.
  • Kindermusic enrichment class: Kindermusik integrates singing, playing instruments, movement, games and imaginative play to teach children the fundamentals of Music. Children learn pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and eventually note reading through age appropriate activities. Kindermusik is divided into different age groups ranging from 0-7 years.
Students may register for more enrichment classes for an additional fee
See Enrichment Classes for class descriptions