Logan, Utah "Nestled at the foot of the nearly 10,000-foot high Bear River Range, Logan's setting is beautiful in any season. Residents consider Logan Canyon a 40-mile community park leading to 23-mile long Bear Lake, called the Rocky Mountain Caribbean for its azure blue waters. Outstanding fishing, biking, hiking, skiing, and golfing: all are minutes away from your front door. Even with the natural beauty, Logan has an excellent park system, boasting one of Utah's two zoos and a challenging municipal golf course. For year round beauty and things to do, Cache Valley is hard to beat.

Utah State University Having a 28,000+ student, top-notch research university also sets us apart. Utah State University was founded in 1888 by Logan residents who wanted a university in their midst. That decision forever changed Logan from a beautiful, but very typical western town to the vibrant, exciting, rare place it is today. USU brings us such things as a higher emphasis on education, splendid cultural, entertainment, and spectator sport opportunities, a vigorous economic base, businesses based on university spin-offs that employ nearly 10,000 and an unusually diverse culture. The valley is also blessed with a strong agricultural base - Cache County is Utah's leading agricultural producer. To that we have added a diverse collection of industries. Food processing, electronics, light manufacturing, publishing, and many other industries provide a robust, but stable economy. With a heritage dating back nearly 150 years, our cultural offerings are excellent."

--Doug Thompson, former Logan City Mayor

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