Class Title Class Description
Arts & Crafts Come join us for exciting art & craft workshops for harpists of all ages. Classes will be divided into age groups so you can have a great time with your friends. It is recommended that parents not attend.
Kindermusik Kindermusik (only for students up to 7 years old) integrates singing, playing instruments, movement, games and imaginative play to teach children the fundamentals of Music. Children learn pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and eventually note reading through age appropriate activities. Kindermusik is divided into different age groups ranging from 0-7 years.
4-in-1 Workshop! The 4 in 1 Workshop (only for students Book 3 and above) is a special and exciting enrichment experience! A different topic will be presented each day targeting a specific need for advanced students. Past topics have included orchestral excerpts, college audition preparation, concert preparation, and technical methods. These classes are for Book 3 students and up. Parents are also welcome! Daily topics TBA. Please check back for updated information.
Syncopation Fun and Drums Syncopation fun and drums will help students learn to play multiple rhythms and instruments in time with others all at once! Through the use of pitched (marimba, xylophone, etc.) and un-pitched percussion instruments (bongos, tambourine, drums, etc...) we will create rhythms and melodies to help train the students how to tackle their own parts while understanding and relating to the rhythms being played by others. There will be plenty of instruments for everyone and a good supply of fun!
Additional Enrichment Classes Registered students may enroll in 1-2 additional enrichment classes on a space available basis (additional fee per extra enrichment class).
Sibling Enrichment Classes Non-Suzuki siblings can enroll in a maximum of three enrichment classes on a space available basis. Please fill out a separate student registration form, pay the family registration fee, indicate “sibling” on the line that says “current Suzuki book and working piece,” and number the enrichment choices in order of preference.